JONAS HEATING & COOLING - Lower Lake -707-994-5911

"I've been advertising with Maria and the Lake County Shopping Guide for several years now and have been very happy with the results that I have had. When it comes to advertising I feel like I get the best value for my dollar with The Lake County Shopping Guide."
Thanks, Tonya Jonas, Operations Manager

RIVIERA FOODS - 9730 Soda Bay Rd., Kelseyville. - 707-277-7601

"We get inquiries about the Senior Discount we offer in the Lake County Shopping Guide ... asking if they need the coupon to get the discount. We have been advertising with Maria (LCSG) for over 4 years and will continue because it gets our name out to locals as well as visitors to the area. It works!"
Thanks, Carol

MUGSHOTS – 21159 Calistoga Rd., Middletown – 707-987-8991

“I just love Maria’s coupon mailer! No other advertising I have ever done is as effective as the Lake County Shopping Guide. The response is always tremendous and I get new customers every month. I will keep my ads running in the Lake County Shopping Guide!”
Thanks so much, Diana Wolf, Owner

D&P POOLS - Middletown - 707-987-3187

"Yes, it works! I sold a $40,000 pool from the second ad I ran in the Lake Count Shopping Guide and have been running my ads on a regular basis ever since. During my season I run a bigger ad and on off season I keep my name out there with a smaller ad; this works for me."
Thanks, Paulette and Dave Allen, Owners

VIDEO VISION PRODUCTION - Lower Lake, CA - 916-622-8853

"I've advertised with several publications in the past and never got the response I'm getting from the Lake County Shopping Guide. Without advertising any discounts in my ad I'm receiving many calls that are turning ino paying jobs. Thank you LCSG for all you're doing to help grow my business. I'm very happy with the ad design."
Thanks again, Al Sainsbury, Owner/Operator.


 "I am amazed at the reponse I'm getting from the ad I'm running in the Lake County Shopping Guide. It's only been 6 weeks since my ad came out and so far I've received 10-15 calls without any special discount offers. This is working better than my phone book ad!"
Christ Jordan, Owner/Operator

GREENVIEW RESTAURANT - Hidden Valley Lake Association - 707-987-3138

"We launched a new ToGo Menu concept featuring Rotisserie Chickens at $8.99 each (with a $4.99 upsell on side dishes) on January 6 of this year. The chickens were only available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In the 4 weeks since the launch, we saw a 36% return on the $2-Off coupons from our ad in the Lake County Shopping Guide, most of which bought the additional sides. This hugely exceeded all of our best estimates on the success of this campaign. We certainly plan to continue this and other similar campaigns."
Jim Freeman, Marketing Communications Manager.

AGRO LAKE GARDEN SUPPLY - Lower Lake 707-994-1788 - Nice 707-274-8386

 "We started to advertise in the LCSG in January 2016 . Our first ad was with a 5% off coupon. I wanted to see how successful this type of ad would be in a 3 mo. publication. We’ve had great response which tells me it goes into a lot of hands and people read and utilize this little paper. Maria set our ad up and made any changes I requested with no problems at all. I will continue to advertise in the future." Todd Anderson, Manager

JM CONSTRUCTION - 707-483-4000

 "I’ve been advertising with the Lake County Shopping Guide since 2007 in every issue running 1/6 to 1/4 page ads I have found it to be very cost effective, works great for my business." Joe Martin, Owner Contractor